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Kea are highly intelligent, resilient, and curious birds, that have also played an important role as ‘cleaners’ of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. They are even believed to be the “Smartest birds in the world” by some scientists. Unfortunately, they are now an endangered species with approximately 5,000 remaining in the wild.


To help the species, dodoland - Bring Home Your Wild is donating 10% of our EUGY Kea profit from New Zealand, Australia and online sales to the Kea Conservation Trust. This organisation works to support kea by identifying threats and reducing their impact on wild kea populations and advocating for best practice husbandry standards of kea held in captive facilities.


To find out more about Kea or the Kea Conservation Trust, visit their website to find out more:

Only a few thousand left of the

'World’s Most Intelligent Bird’

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