Hi EUGY friends,


Building healthy habits at home and staying in your bubble can truly help protect yourself and save others’ lives. It’s more important now than ever.


EUGYs fully support and encourage everyone to stay home, save lives, and be kind to yourself and everyone around you.

That is why we’ve created a special EUGY Challenge for you!


Join our challenge today by commenting “#eugychallenge START” on our Instagram (@eugy_dodoland), Facebook (EUGY by dodoland), or Twitter (@eugy_dodoland). You can join the challenge anytime, anywhere.


Let us know you’ve completed each of the challenges by commenting “#eugychallenge COMPLETE” on our social media platforms.


Once this is done, you’ll receive 10% off on your next purchase!


See the full challenge board below or follow us each day on social media as we do each challenge for a week! Be a EUGY hero!