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Meet the Beetle Guardians: Superheroes of the Natural World

Updated: 6 days ago

Buckle up for EUGY's newest beetle models! Get set for a wild ride through the underbrush, where these biodiversity bosses flex their superhero muscles, proving size isn't everything in the epic saga of Earth's guardians!

Join our Beetle Guardians on Their Nature Missions

Goliath Beetle: A Colossal Guardian of the Rainforest


  • Size: Up to 12 cm (4.7 inches)

  • Weight: 80-100 grams during the larval stage; approximately 80 grams as adults

  • Colour: Varied, including black, brown, red, or white, often with patterns.


Roaming the dense rainforests of Africa, the Goliath Beetle, known as the Giant Recycler, dwarfs most other insects with his massive frame.


Emerging from the rich, dark soil of the African jungle, the Giant Recycler grew up with a profound respect for nature's cycle of life and death.


His immense size and voracious appetite allow him to consume vast amounts of decaying plant and animal matter, clearing the way for new life.


Through his relentless recycling, he ensures that essential nutrients are returned to the soil, promoting a lush, vibrant ecosystem.

Rhino Beetle: A Mighty Guardian Ensuring Tropical Balance


  • Size: Up to 15 cm (6 inches)

  • Weight: 20-40grams

  • Colour: Black or dark brown


Widespread across the warm, tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and the Americas, the robust Rhino Beetle patrols the forest floor and tree canopies.


From a young grub, the Defender was destined to shoulder the weight of maintaining the ecological balance, transforming decay into life.


With a robust body and a horn as tough as armour, he tirelessly processes plants, transforming them into fertile soil.


His relentless processing of plant debris enriches the soil, promoting healthier forests and supporting a myriad of life forms.

Hercules Beetle: Mighty Ecosystem Engineer of the Americas


  • Size: Up to 19cm (7.4 inches including horn)

  • Weight: 20-30 grams

  • Colour: Black, green, yellow or blue with a striking horn


Found in the rainforests of Central and South America, the Hercules Beetle is named after the legendary hero for its remarkable strength.


Born under the canopy of the Amazon, The Strong One was always fascinated by the strength displayed in the natural world. He honed his abilities to become a symbol of power and resilience.


His super-strength is unmatched, and he can carry loads up to 850 times his body weight. The horn is not just for show; it's a formidable tool for battling rivals and predators.


By burrowing and feeding on decaying wood, he aids in decomposition and soil aeration, crucial for the forest's health.

Stag Beetle: The Mighty Custodian of Forest Health


  • Size: Up to 8cm (3.15 inches)

  • Weight:  Varies from 5 - 30 grams

  • Colour: Mostly black, some with reddish-brown or yellow hues


Thriving in the deciduous forests of Europe, the Stag Beetle, known as the Forest Protector, carves its legacy into the very wood it calls home. BACKSTORY

Born beneath towering oaks and whispering willows, the Forest Protector saw beauty and purpose in the fallen and decaying timber of his woodland realm.


Equipped with formidable mandibles, he meticulously carves into dead wood, facilitating decomposition and creating habitats for numerous other creatures.


His artistry accelerates the breakdown of wood, fostering biodiversity and nutrient cycling, essential for forest health and regeneration.

That's a wrap on The Guardians of the Greens! Our beetle heroes, from The Giant to The Forest Guardian, have shown us that might doesn't always mean big. Decked out in natural armour, they're the unsung protectors of the planet, proving that greatness comes in all sizes. Let's take a leaf from their book—every tiny action can lead to giant leaps for our Earth. Here's to our small but mighty guardians leading the charge in nature's epic tale! Disclaimer: The statistics provided are based on actual beetles and do not represent the EUGY beetle models.

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May 18

I wonder if there is Caucasus Beetle, Giraffe Stag Beetle, Five Horn Beetle and atlas Beetle will be added in EUGY during the future

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