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From turtles, to snakes, to crocodiles… Reptiles are known as mostly cold-blooded and egg laying creatures. They are air-breathing, skin-shredding vertebrates, that were once the dominant animals during the Mesozoic times – that’s 315 million years ago!

Did you know we had 5 reptiles in our EUGY family? And 3 of them are giving back to a snake ambassador! (Turtle EUGYs are busy helping turtles and Alligator EUGYs are… not here!)


We have a reptile friend in need, named Tirari, a woma python. She outgrew her last one, so needs a new vivarium!

Tirari deserves a new home - as a snake ambassador for Arid Recovery, our partners, she has been helping educate hundreds of people that snakes are respectful and gentle reptiles. Also, how important snakes are for our environment! Sadly, woma pythons are in critically endangered status.


To help Tirari and our partners, we are donating 100% sales revenue of our reptile EUGYs - Crocodile, Tuatara, and Mosa - from to this cause, for the month of February!


Mosasaurus is often thought to be a dinosaur but in fact a GIANT prehistoric reptile!


Crocodile’s may have large gapes, but they are also the biggest living reptiles in the world!


Tuatara are NZ native reptiles that are referred to as ‘living fossils’, having existed since the dinosaur age!

If you’d like to donate directly to this project, or read more about Tirari, visit:

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