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Did you know that Leopard Seals are officially legal residents in New Zealand? Thanks to the research and advocacy of our partners at, these typically antarctic creatures are protected in New Zealand.

This EUGY is based off a real-life leopard seal named 'Owha', who is often sighted in New Zealand and has helped us understand the species better. The 'V' scar on her left cheek and spotted patterns have been inspired by her!

10% of the net sales income of this model is donated to to support the species. To learn more, click here.

92% less plastic with no plastic glue bottle!

FSC Certified materials used for packaging

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.
So go on...bring home your wild!

This EUGY pack includes 2 eyeballs and 7 cardboard panels with protection sheets in between.

There is NO plastic glue bottle! Our Magic Glue is already layered on the back of each piece, which is activated by applying water only!

(*below images are sample instruction)

1. Have a dish of water ready for the Magic Glue!

2.Push out each piece including the Magic Brush!

3. Using the Magic Brush, apply water to the back of each piece to make it stick!

4. Assemble the pieces in numerical order


Bring Home Your Wild!

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