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084 Bowhead Whale

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Come meet the Bowhead whale, one of the longest living mammals on the plant. This whale is named after its huge bow-shaped mouth, which also makes it look like it’s smiling! Its mouth contains a 3 meter long baleen that is made up of 300 plates. This is used to filter plankton and tiny crustaceans like krill

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.
So go on...bring home your wild!

We won a Red Dot Award!

The Red Dot is the distinction for high design quality. Only products that demonstrate outstanding design are awarded the coveted seal of quality by the international jury.

Our core values are goodwill towards nature and life, refined quality and beautiful design. We are thrilled that our beautiful design is now recognised by a respected international design award, Red Dot.

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Our products conform 100% to international safety standards (EN71-1,2,3 and CPSIA). A EUGY pack contains 7 flat cards with individually numbered pieces, all ready for you to assemble.

*Please note that the product is subject to updates without prior notice. The actual product may slightly vary from images.

(*below images are sample instruction)

1. Push out each piece from the perforated card

2.Apply glue to each piece

3.Assemble in numerical order


Bring Home Your Wild

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