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Here’s a ‘killer’ deal to celebrate World Orca Day!

Select your ocean EUGY friends + get a FREE GIFT – a EUGY of your choice from our full range!*
*excludes Minions and Cube EUGYs

In light of World Orca Day, 10% of your purchase of this special offer will be donated to help orca stay free and safe!

The donation will go to the Orca Research Trust, which is run by world-renown orca expert, Dr Ingrid Visser. She is notable for her breakthrough orca research and advocacy in bringing captive orca back into the wild. They are one of our respected giving back partners.

WE LOVE ORCA and although they’re also known as killer whales, they are incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and empathetic creatures. They are also a ‘keystone’ and ‘indicator’ species, meaning that they are vital to our ecosystems, and can help us understand the ocean’s health.

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