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(Special) Fanatics Deal

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Wishing you could have ALL the adorable and unique EUGYs? Well, now you can!

We’ve got you fully covered with this deal! You’ll get:

  • The FULL RANGE* - that’s 76 EUGY animals! (pictured below)
  • FREE 3 x 10% off coupons so you can share them with your friends or wait to use them for our next EUGY launch
  • We will pay for your countries' import taxes and fees!

So there’ll be no extra costs from purchase to arrival at your door!

Here’s some handy tips on what you could do with EUGY animals! You can:

  • Use as an educational resource and LEARN about a wide range of different animals and creatures
  • Get your FAMILY AND FRIENDS TOGETHER and have a ‘EUGY Night!’
  • ‘WOW’ anyone that sees this impressive collection on your shelves at home
  • If you already have some, use them as perfect GIFT IDEAS!

*Please note EUGY Minions are NOT included in the Fanatics Deal

Here’s all the EUGY friends you’ll get to meet!

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