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We're pleased to announce our new partnership with the not-for-profit Wellington Zoo, on the special day where a rehabilitated Kororā (aka Little Blue Penguin) is released back into the wild! 

Little Blue Penguins, also known as Kororā (in Te Reo Māori), are the world’s smallest species of penguin, weighing only around 1kg with their height just over 25cm. They are native to New Zealand and although they have been thought to be the same as Australia’s Fairy Penguins, turns out, they're actually a distinct species of penguin!


Their scientific name “Eudyptula’ means good little diver and have been recorded to dive as much as 98 times an hour! The species record dive is as deep as 35 metres.


Unfortunately, their population is declining due to being caught in set nets, boat strikes, and the threat of predators such as dogs, cats, ferrets, and stoats.


To assist where we can, we have partnered with Wellington Zoo, a not-for-profit charitable trust, that helps protect injured Kororā (among many other wildlife) in their animal hospital, The Nest Te Kōhanga.


A percentage of sales profit of each Penguin EUGY sold from and directly to retailers from New Zealand, Australia, and United States, is donated to this conservation organisation.

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