Helping build
Tirari a new home

Tirari, a snake ambassador for Arid Recovery, our respected partner, has outgrown her vivarium so needs a new home!

Tirari is a woma python that has helped hundreds of people understand snakes better. She shows that snakes can be gentle and respectful beings and how important they are to our environment.

To say ‘thanksssssssss’ to Tirari her awesome work, we have launched our Reptile Month this February, where 100% sales revenue of our reptile EUGYs - Crocodile, Tuatara, and Mosa - from to this cause.
To read more about this Reptile Month, click here

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A special thanks to our partners at Arid Recovery, an independent non-profit organisation in South Australia, that runs a wildlife reserve in arid’s north, saving species through scientific research and conservation efforts.

Get to know Woma Pythons (Aspidites ramsayi)!

  • They are nocturnal snakes

  • Australian Native species

  • In critically endangered status

  • They are ‘pitless pythons’ due to the absence of heat sensing pits which other pythons have along the lips

  • They are non-venomous snakes that use their shovel-like nose to push their prey against the walls they have burrowed

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