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Let’s give them a better life. 
All animal lives matter 

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SPCA helps protect over 33,000 animals in New Zealand every year. Animals who are sick, injured, abused or vulnerable. Their purpose is to advance animal welfare, prevent cruelty and create a better life for all
New Zealand’s animals.


The Story of Pumba & Her EUGY Model

Meet Pumba, an adorable mixed-breed pup just waiting for her forever home. Rescued from Kaiti Beach, Gisborne, alongside her sisters Piglet and Winnie. Pumba embodies the resilience of abandoned animals. Piglet had been adopted first by a loving family, while Pumba and Winnie were still hoping to find their forever homes.

Despite her rough start, Pumba is a bundle of joy, always on the move and ready to play with her favourite tug toy. Her appetite for life is matched by her love for puppy biscuits and special dog ice cream. It took four months of patient waiting, but finally, Pumba found her forever home and family, a testament to her unbreakable spirit.

The Gisborne SPCA Centre Manager couldn't help but gush about her, describing her as a 'sweet girl' and a 'wiggle bum' who never stays still for long.

In collaboration with SPCA, Dodoland has created a special EUGY model inspired by Pumba's story. This model, named 'Hope,' symbolises second chances for abandoned animals like Pumba. This model has been designed to show Hope joyfully soaring through the air with a cheerful smile and a playful tug toy. Her dog collar and tag proudly display an 'H' for Hope, representing the optimism of finding her forever family and promoting responsible dog guardianship.

Hope's creation celebrates Pumba's journey and SPCA's dedication to these animals. Adopting a dog like Pumba can bring immense joy and companionship to your life. Consider giving a loving home to an animal in need. Visit your local SPCA today to make a positive difference in your life and theirs.

Responsible Animal Guardianship

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Animals must be cared for by a responsible animal guardian – a person with the knowledge and ability to provide them with a good life. A life where they experience positive welfare and their physical and mental health, and behavioural needs are met for their lifetime. 

Enrichment is important in providing mental stimulation and positive experiences for animals. Enrichment is about designing and creating interesting environments and providing toys, activities and social opportunities that enable animals to express and demonstrate their natural behaviours, supporting a good life. 

A tug toy is an easy-to-make dog and puppy rope enrichment toy made by tearing old, clean material into strips and plaiting or braiding them really tightly together. Would you like to make a tug toy for your dog?

Visit SPCA’s Kids’ Portal for instructions on how to make these fun toys!


Make Hope's
Favourite Toy


SPCA is New Zealand's oldest and largest animal welfare charity. For over 150 years, SPCA has helped the animals that so desperately need it and has brought justice to those who have failed these innocent animals. 

To learn more about SPCA, visit their website:


To help these incredible species,  10% net sales profit of our SPCA Dog EUGY directly sold in New Zealand, Australia, and online, is donated to the SPCA.

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