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Our nature is hurting

Our founder Hoon, a professional travel writer who has featured in multiple documentaries, trekked up Mount Everest and saw piles of plastic waiting hundreds of years to decompose, and thought, something had to be done.


The humble start

Upon his return home to New Zealand, he visited his local recycling centre and found stacks of cardboard – one of the most recyclable materials! After testing in his basement garage, the 3D cardboard animal puzzles were born.


Mission set

With fond memories of playing around in nature as a kid, Hoon wanted to protect it, but he knew this wasn't a one-man job. And so his mission began: to help connect people to our nature and wild, so that we could all work together to protect our beautiful planet.


EUGY born

To spread the love for our planet, sustainable, fun, safe, and educational EUGYs were created with a spoonful of cuteness! 

As a world's first invention, this original idea has been protected by multiple patents worldwide.


Global expansion

Now this one-of-a-kind animal craft is available in stores in 30+ countries and

welcomed in homes all around the world.


Spreading animal love

To represent and share the stories of different animal species, the range has grown to over 80 different creatures, helping inspire children and adults about our wildlife and nature.

From New Zealand

EUGYs are designed in New Zealand with the company's headquarters located in the small coastal town of Whangārei. The company, dodoland, is proudly recognised by the New Zealand government. 

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Giving back
to people and wildlife

We give back to our people, animals, and planet by partnering with various wildlife non-profit organisations, Children's Hospitals and disabled care service providers.

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