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100% of our March online sales of this product will be donated to The UN Refugee Agency.
We sincerely pray for peace and hope the war ends soon so all children can safely go back home with their families.

dodo birds are a symbol of extinction, as they became extinct in less than a century from its discovery by humans. They are an inspiration for all of us to take a lesson that we need to protect the lives of those living with us on earth.

This EUGY was launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of dodoland. 100% net profit of this model is donated to help our planet.

92% less plastic with no plastic glue bottle!

FSC Certified materials used for packaging

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.

So go on...bring home your wild!

This EUGY pack includes 2 eyeballs and 7 cardboard panels with protection sheets in between.

There is NO plastic glue bottle! Our Magic Glue is already layered on the back of each piece, which is activated by applying water only!

1. Have a dish of water ready for the Magic Glue!

2.Push out each piece including the Magic Brush!

3. Using the Magic Brush, apply water to the back of each piece to make it stick!

4. Assemble the pieces in numerical order


Bring Home Your Wild!

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