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Protecting the highly sociable, intelligent, and family-oriented orca


Orca are the worlds largest dolphin but they are also a top marine predator – some even eat sharks for breakfast!  Yet, despite being the ‘king of the ocean’ they face many threats.  dodoland is helping to protect orca and their habitat by contributing 10% of our EUGY orca sales from online, New Zealand, Australia and the United States sales. 

Orca are known as ‘indicator’ and ‘umbrella’ species – because they can reveal the status of the rest of ocean and if we protect them (and their habitat) we protect all the other creatures. There are fewer than 200 orca living around the New Zealand coastline, often hunting in shallow waters is.  They have been sighted near our New Zealand head office, during visits to Whangarei Harbour.

dodoland has partnered with Orca Research Trust to help protect these incredible creatures.  To learn more about the orca and the work that the Trust does, visit their website:


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