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The world has given us so much. It’s time for us to give back. See below for examples of how we’re fulfilling our reciprocal duties

We believe in the principle of giving back. Whether it’s for local children in need, or for endangered species, giving back and helping where we can is at the heart of what we do.


Only a few thousand Kea remaining. Let’s help them now!


Facing threat of extinction, Tasmanian Devils need help!

20090619-NZE-INV-D3-014-HPFa emulearn mo

Helping Australia's iconic bird, the Emu, and its environment

20090619-NZE-INV-D3-014-HPFa learn more.

Helping protect our highly intelligent and sociable Orca

Turtle learn more.jpg

Dinosaur-aged Sea Turtles now endangered. We're here to help!


Australian Bushfire Aid - assisting with Koala rescue


Taking action for polar bears and their melting habitat


Helping build a new home for a critically endangered snake

Penguin learn more.jpg

Whether it’s donating our eco-friendly EUGY’s or donating funds, here are some other organisations we have supported

Save the Tas Devil Appeal.png

"The recent support received from dodoland at our school holiday programs allowed our children with disabilities to experience the joy of building their very own animal and taking it home to show Mum and Dad at the end of the day. One programme leader reported; "The absolute joy on their faces was indescribable”.   

- Ray Finch. COO Spectrum Care

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  • We have created 50+ different species (with more to come) to showcase the wide range of animal kids can connect with and befriend!

  • Each product is intricately designed to highlight and emphasise the animal's unique characteristics and personality

  • Educational ‘FUN FACTS’s about each animal to stimulate young minds

  • Our products are 100% recyclable and mostly made from corrugated cardboard - one of the easiest material to recycle! The middle layer of the corrugated board is 100% recycled materials.

  • Printed with eco-friendly and non-toxic ink

  • Water soluble and bio-degradable non-toxic glue

  • No plastic wrapping

  • Currently working towards achieving 100% plastic free products

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